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  2. 12 channel DMX 512 RGB LED strip controller dmx decoder dimmer driver DC5V-24V 5A/CH

12 channel DMX 512 RGB LED strip controller dmx decoder dimmer driver DC5V-24V 5A/CH

CHINLY Beleuchtung

  • Automatically adapt to DC5V-24V
  • Input Signal: DMX512/1990
  • 5A each channel max 60A,Maximum power load: 300W(5V) 720W(12V) 1440W(24V)
  • RGB 12 Channel,4 group
  • Use for LED strip,LED module,LED light

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Product Description

12CH-DMX512 Constant decoder Operation Instruction
Welcome to use the 12CH constant decoder, which take advantage of advanced microelectronic control technology. This technology changes the international fashion DMX512/1990 standard digital control signals into analog control signals. There are 1 ~ 12 output channels; each channel can achieve 256 control levels. This constant decoder is used when DMX512 control equipment control general LED lighting
Products Performance:
Input Power: DC5V-DC24V
Maximum load current: 5A/CH×4
Maximum power load: 300W(5V) 720W(12V) 1440W(24V)
Output gray level: 256
Input Signal: DMX512/1990
Output signal: 12 channels Constant PWM
Output DMX : 12 channels
DMX512 socket standard RJ45
Engine size: L154mm*W88mm*H30mm
Gross Weight:335g
Basic functions:
There are 12 output channels, can connect with single or RGBW lamps
0-100% dimming output, each channel 256 gray levels
International standard DMX512 input protocol, address code set by DIP switches;
Wide voltage DC input DC5V ~ DC24V;
Each occupied by 12 DMX address.
Package Included:
1 x DMX 512 Decoder
1 x DMX cable
1 x User Manual

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